Plate Bone Pre-Cooked (PALETTA BIELLESE)

>>Plate Bone Pre-Cooked (PALETTA BIELLESE)

Plate Bone Pre-Cooked (PALETTA BIELLESE)

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Paletta Biellese is a typical Biella dish. It is pre-cooked and it is made with an old tradition. This product is made with plate bone of mature Italian pork and aromas.


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DESCRIPTION: Paletta Biellese pre-cooked is a classical of the Biella area culinary tradition.

Already pre-cooked it is a very easy way to taste this product of Biella.To store in a cool place, temperature should not exceed 15 degrees.

Paletta Biellese is made with plate bone of mature Italian pork carefully defatted, trimmed, salted and massaged with the methods of old Biella tradition.

Then pre-cooked and sterilized.

INGREDIENTS: italian pork meat, salt, dextrose, natural flavors. It does not contain gluten and the milk products.



WEIGHT: 1 kg.

PACKING: aluminum heat-sealed envelope in decorated tin box.


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